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I know I’ve already been on hiatus with this blog but I think it’s time to formally call an indefinite hiatus. Jessica’s departure from SNSD got me thinking. DBSK isn’t really the same. I fell in love with the 5 of them together and the reality now is just not as fulfilling or (sad to say it) worth my time. And same goes for all the other groups I follow. It’s not worth my time following these groups that I can only devote what little time I have. 

So tl;dr i’m on a hiatus. I might post on this account from time to time but I’ll be unfollowing some k-accounts so the temptation to jump back onto this blog goes away. (I’m always on twitter because I made way too many friends that I don’t want to lose). It’s been real. 

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Kyung Il & Yi Jeong

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